How to Make A Vegan Diet Work For You


How to Make A Vegan Diet Work For You

By: Sally Writes


There are many reasons you may be interested in transitioning to a vegan, or plant-based, diet. It could be for the animals, for the environment, or for the many health benefits associated with the lifestyle, including weight loss, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, as well as a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease. Incorporate the following tips to make veganism convenient for you and soon you’ll experience the many benefits the lifestyle has to offer, not least of which are the delicious meals you can enjoy!

Veganize Your Favorite Meals

The hardest aspect about going vegan initially is feeling like you are missing out on some of your favorite meals. This doesn’t need to be the case at all. Avoid temptation by choosing your top 5-10 favorite recipes, savory or sweet, and veganize them! Protein sources are key here, since they can compliment and complete every meal. Tofu is also very popular among vegans for being a healthy and versatile source of plant-based protein, and you can prep it in so many ways with different flavors to keep your meals delicious and varied.

·  Tofu Scramble: Crumble firm tofu with your favorite veggies, turmeric and black salt for a delicious vegan take on traditional egg scramble. The black salt is essential if you are looking for that specific “eggy” flavor!

·  Tofu Steaks: Marinate tofu in your favorite spices and dressings for a few hours or overnight to have a flavor-packed plant-based protein option ready for any meal! Liquid smoke or smoked salt can really provide that BBQ meat taste!

·  Tofu Curry: Chop up and marinate your tofu in your favorite curry-inspired spices, sauces or seasonings, and add it to your veggie stew to let it marinate. Add some rice and you have a hearty meal!

·  Tofu Stir-Fry: Upgrade any veggie stir fry by incorporating some cubed tofu marinated in BBQ sauce. It will not only add a lot of flavor, but also keep your meal higher in protein.

·  Tofu Pudding: Use silken tofu with cacao, vanilla, maple syrup and avocado to make a deliciously creamy and filling protein-packed dessert!

With a little education and preparation, veganism can easily become a hassle-free and convenient lifestyle. While veganism can often be portrayed as a restrictive diet, learning more about the lifestyle can open your eyes to all the wonders of the plant-based world and get you inspired to create masterpieces. If you are considering taking the plant-based plunge, incorporate the many wonders of tofu in order to veganize your favorite meals, add some protein to every meal, and keep your dishes filling and flavor-packed. This will make the transition as smooth and delicious as possible!

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