Festive Superfoods to Help You Beat the Bulge


Festive Superfoods to Help You Beat the Bulge

By: Sally Writes

This coming festive season, millions of Americans will once again gain weight over the holidays. For many individuals the weight gain is an experience as punctual as the season itself as it seems almost inevitable that we will eat too much and exercise too little over the wintery, festive period. The resulting weight gain may not be dramatic but getting rid of the extra pounds can be a challenge, making it easier to not pile them on in the first place.

While winter weight gain often feels inevitable there is no reason why you can’t emerge from the season looking and feeling slender, fit and ready to rock to rock your jeans. While there are a number diet and workout regimes to follow to get rid of the extra pounds there is no need that festive food does not have to be limited to cookies, cakes, creamy casseroles and mounds of chocolate and candy. There are many seasonal superfoods, such as the following,  that possess the correct nutrients to help you lose weight.

Chicken soup

Due to their large volume, soups tend to be extremely satiating even when they have a relatively low calorie content. Despite the fact that liquids are generally less filling than solid foods, research has found that hot soups, like chicken or bean, are an exception to this rule. Not only will you be feeling fuller for longer after a steaming bowl of home-made chicken soup (made with only the freshest ingredients of course) but you can also indulge in it completely guilt-free!

Butternut squash

Winter squashes such as the butternut are filled with satiating fiber as well as being reasonably low in calories (just 63 per cup) which means that they will fill you up without having you pack on the pounds.  The versatile squash is also a powerful source of Vitamin C and beta-carotene which are both powerful antioxidants that will help keep your immune system functioning well so that you can be active right through winter without being hassled by illness.


Oatmeal is the ideal winter breakfast and not only because it is warm and comforting. Oatmeal is also filled with prebiotic fiber that selectively feeds the good bacteria in your gut and has a positive impact on the way your body balances your blood sugar, stores fat and releases the hormones responsible for controlling hunger and fullness.


Most chilli recipes require a lot of protein which may be of some interest to those trying to shed some weight. Chilli also, however, contains a lot of fresh chillies and chilli powder which contains capsaicin, a phytochemical that is known to increase the body’s metabolic rate.

You don’t have to abstain from festive winter treats altogether but by incorporating some of the above superfoods into your diet and keeping active you do not have to worry yourself with the thought of having to shed a large amount of weight a summer approaches.

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