What to Eat To Help You Build Muscle


What to Eat To Help You Build Muscle

It is a scientific fact that your food choices directly affect both your physique and your health. The age-old saying that states that we are what we eat has become more relevant than ever before as we strive to look and feel better while still wanting to indulge in all the sumptuous food options available to us. While obesity might have become a global concern, more and more Americans are slowly shifting to healthier lifestyles with the US’s love-affair with fast-food waning as brands that offer options which focus on fresh, natural ingredients gaining popularity.

In addition to nourishing our bodies, what we eat and how we exercise affects our mental health, our quality of life and overall well-being. While trying to bulk up your muscle you want to aim to get up to 30% of your calories from protein sources. This will ensure that you are providing your body with enough amino acids for muscle construction but not too much protein that you will end up displacing other important foods in your diet.  There are a myriad of muscle-building food sources available that you can incorporate into nutritious and delicious recipes that will provide you with all the fuel needed to bulk up.

Skinless chicken thigh

Classic muscle-building foods such as chicken can be prepared in countless different ways to provide you with enough variety to prevent you from tiring of a great protein source. Chicken thighs are a nice alternative to chicken breasts with the dark meat having a smoother texture and boasting a stronger flavor.  The added fat in the meat also provides you with extra calories to boost your muscle-building efforts.  Chicken is one of the healthiest protein sources available to man and is often included in eating plans as part of a balanced lifestyle.


Getting sufficient starchy carbs into your system first thing in the morning and within 3-4 hours following your training sessions is a vital strategy.  It ensures you consume enough calories and also guarantees that they are utilized as an energy source instead of being stored as fat. Originally from South America, quinoa can be enjoyed either warm or cold and makes for an ideal breakfast meal as it is similar to oatmeal. Quinoa has a higher than usual protein content for a grain and is also packed with zinc which is especially essential for testosterone production.

Rolled oats

Oats are extremely versatile and can easily be used to increase your calorie intake without overeating. Rolled oats can be eaten for breakfast, blended in to smoothie or baked into muffins and brownies. Mixing oats with your favorite protein and peanut butter makes for a handy muscle building sludge to enjoy on the go.

Sprouted grain breads

Sprouted grain breads are a much healthier option than regular bread as they are made from grains that have already sprouted, giving them a lower carb and higher protein content.  Breads made from sprouted grains also have a much lower glycemic index than traditional breads offering you better control over your blood sugar while bulking up.  Experiment with different versions of sprouted grain breads, such as the Ezekiel, until you find one you like. Remember that these breads generally need to be kept in the cooler to prevent them from growing mold.

Incorporating good-quality natural food sources into your diet holds benefits that far exceed simple muscle building. Nutritious food can be delicious and if you can’t find a recipe that appeals to your taste buds simply experiment and create mouth-watering dishes of your own.

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