Boneless Wings Have Been Lying To You Your Whole Life, And It’s Time You Learned The Truth


  1. Kristina Kaylor said on November 15, 2017 Reply

    There isn’t such a thing as boneless wings. They’re just chicken nuggets, chicken fingers or whatever word you use, they’re not wings!

  2. Joseph Lanzendorfer said on November 15, 2017 Reply

    I also think it’s bullshit that what we call a “wing” is really only half a wing. It’s just a sneaky way for restaurants to double the price of wings, which are already over-priced.

  3. Alex Bard said on November 15, 2017 Reply

    Wait… Literally anybody actually thought that boneless wings were actually from the wing? Have you ever actually had a chicken wing?

  4. Russell Clark said on November 15, 2017 Reply

    Boneless chicken wings? They’re chicken nuggets. But with wings now costing more than breasts. Call it “boneless wings” to justify the higher price tag!

  5. Denise Yung said on November 15, 2017 Reply

    They are chicken nuggets or cubed chicken breast. Which is why I don’t eat them? If I want chicken strips I’ll just order them and for lower cost usually. Now wings. Wings are my jam.

  6. Jeremy David Smith said on November 15, 2017 Reply

    I had a friend who said lets get buffalo wings. I was like hell yeah! He ordered bbq boneless. I was like that is neither buffalo or a wing. Haha. But I like both.

  7. Sarah Starry said on November 15, 2017 Reply

    I been buying boneless wings for years at the chicken plant kids like them but I love my bone-in better

  8. Jaki Zepeda said on November 15, 2017 Reply

    Imagine struggling through many years of college for your degree only to get paid to write “articles” about chicken nuggets. That’s damn smart. Props.

  9. Eric Moffett said on November 15, 2017 Reply

    Duh? I thought everyone knew this? How are you so upset by it? They’re great for being lazy and I feel you usually get more meat with boneless “wings”

  10. Derrick Stroman said on November 15, 2017 Reply

    So…… how much did they pay you to point out the obvious? I can write an interesting article of how water is the leading cause for drowning in water

  11. Chris Trevino said on November 15, 2017 Reply

    Or chicken bites because wings are wings, bites are cut up chicken breast. Yes the wing is attached to the breast but it’s also dark meat. Cut the breast into bite size pieces and you have chicken bites. Unless you want to pay outrageous prices for the cook to debone the wings to have real boneless wings, you are better off getting chicken bites. And if you feel that chicken bites sounds to childish than maybe eat regular wings like an adult 😝😝😝

  12. Amber Red said on November 15, 2017 Reply

    But with the wings now being the MOST EXPENSIVE part of a chicken, boneless wings are going to be the only affordable option.

  13. Stephanie Visser said on November 15, 2017 Reply

    Fun Fact: Hooters (and Im sure many other wing places as well) boneless chicken wings are chicken fingers cut in half and tossed in sauce. For the same price (maybe .50 difference) you get 6 chicken fingers or 10 boneless wings (5 cut chicken fingers…). That’s how it was 5 years ago anyway.

  14. Bob Bazel said on November 15, 2017 Reply

    It’s just Chicken bites, let’s be serious here. wings are wings anything else is cubed chicken breast battered and fried, tossed in buffalo sauce. I like them but always giggle when they’re referred to as boneless wings.

  15. Savannah M. Burleson said on November 15, 2017 Reply

    Chicken nuggets are ground up chicken bits. Chicken strips is the word you’re looking for. Stop saying boneless wings are nuggets. They are chicken strips.

  16. Barbara DuVall said on November 15, 2017 Reply

    Wings aren’t uppity. They’re a once-undesirable by-product that slick advertising transformed into a hot seller with hot sauce, breading, and grease. Now we’ll see if clever marketers can do the same for chicken necks, cow tongues, pigs feet, and any kind of liver.

  17. Benjamin Lee said on November 15, 2017 Reply

    In order of preference, wings, nuggets, boneless wings. This stuff isn’t the choice of a daily healthy diet folks. If you’re already making a bad decision, go with what tastes best lol

  18. Renny Prokosch said on November 15, 2017 Reply

    I just don’t like working for my food and making a mess of my self plus dipping chicken wings in ranch (if one were to use ranch, or blue cheese ) is very cumbersome, give me bonless any day, just stab and dip, bam.

  19. Shana Bly Washington said on November 15, 2017 Reply

    That chick in the hat looks like Shannon Doherty in the pic above… not when you clock on the link inside the article… lol

  20. Brittany Jacobs said on November 15, 2017 Reply

    I refuse to eat anything with a bone in it (it has to be off bone when I buy it and can not see that it was once on a bone). These chicken wings are the only ones I eat.

  21. Justin Brooke said on November 15, 2017 Reply

    Chicken nuggets are usually ground up garbage parts, no? At least a boneless wing is usually an actual full piece of meat. I do agree that bone in is much better but bone out isn’t nearly as bad as a nugget.

  22. Jessie Dotson said on November 15, 2017 Reply

    Chicken nuggets are left over chicken pieces mashed together in a mold. Boneless wings are chunks of breaded breast meat….so yea, they are totally, if you wanna call boneless wings “nuggets” then nuggets need a different name because boneless wings deserve better. And ya know, they are totally different….

  23. Kim Neal said on November 15, 2017 Reply

    Is it a lie if I say “I’m the all powerful Zeus!” When it’s pretty clear that it’s not the case and everyone knows that?

  24. Misty Dumont said on November 15, 2017 Reply

    We know they aren’t really chicken wings, we don’t care. We still love them. I love bone-in, boneless, and straight up chicken nuggets. I don’t care. Give them to me, all of them. I will give them a nice warm home in my stomach, and you don’t have to worry, I won’t share the boneless wings with you!

  25. Michele Heil said on November 15, 2017 Reply

    ….who tf thought they actually WERE wings?! 😕

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